Have you ever had the cutest off the shoulder top that you were planning to wear to an event only to find that the shoulders kept rising up? The point of wearing the top was not to create a thousand ways to discreetly put the sleeves back in place..especially not in front of people. Instead of making it look easy being confident, sexy and carefree, you look preoccupied self absorbed and eventually sad with immovable shoulders. That is the opposite of how you wanted to present at the event.
Who wants to make it look like they are trying so hard to look cute in their clothes? Hopefully no one knows the lengths you go to in order to present your desired look. It is the worst when you are out dancing and you see a person raise their arm too high exposing the girdle in their jeans, or even a bad face lift..usually it is bad because people can tell you had one. Now I know people who bragged about "having work done". That is fine, as long as it came from their mouth and not because you saw the stitches on the dance floor.
The point is, you want to be in control of your message. Shoulders communicate a great deal for men and women. When they are raised up in the air especially if the palms of the hands are up, the person is likely saying with their body "I don't now". When a woman looks over one lifted shoulder one might think she is flirting. Upright and straight shoulders convey confidence and competence. Men used to (maybe they still do) wear shoulder pads to look like strong leaders. Women started using them when they joined the executive workforce to fit in with men and communicate that they too could competently run an office or organization. Forward slumped immovable shoulders indicate timidity, insecurity,and disengagement, regardless of whether the person actually feels that way. Now is the perfect time for women venturing into something new to bare that upright shoulder to convey confident femininity. No longer do women have to act or dress like a man for others to believe they are intelligent and can succeed in business. Women can be feminine at work. Although, there may still be some environments where the women and men sort of look alike, in the woman's efforts to promote equality (pay, promotion, recognition and the like) but that will hopefully and intentionally change too as more girls and women are involved, seen, and recognized for their contributions.
In many work spaces women are deemed more confident and competent when they dress fashionably. The fact that you don't have your off the shoulder sleeves rising up as you go about your day and evening activities, be it waving to a friend, dancing, or simply shaking another persons hand, signals competence. Fussing with your clothes, trying and failing to maintain the fashion look repeatedly, makes it look like your over your head in your clothing choice and that you didn't have the foresight to walk out your front door with the right clothes on.
There are so many off the shoulder tops and outfits that practical people just avoid because they would never want to be in a situation where it looks like are trying so hard...and failing. Now with Barelastics, a whole new world of fashion has become available right in time for the warm weather when it is good to bare those shoulders. Visit Shoulder Bare Boutique after your Barelastics purchase and see what looks good off your shoulder!   

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